program management + project management

Key industries served include an intentionally diverse mix of health care and health sciences (pharmaceutical, medical, dental, human regenerative medicine), economic development, workforce development, business law and class action, real estate, hospitality and tourism. 

Available services are menu driven and customized. Functional areas include business development, sales and transaction pace, information technology ecosystems, infrastructure or operational changes, policy editing and customer-driven or regulatory changes, profitability analysis, executive coaching and team building, transition and succession planning. 


key performance indicators + key strategic initiatives

Choosing what to measure and monitor and being able to always validate why those elements directly relate to mission and objectives and goals is a primary step.

Available key performance indicator (KPI) services are menu driven and customized. Occasionally less is more. Economies and competitive markets change and so should an entity's KPIs. 

Available key strategic initiative (KSI) services differ drastically for corporate, nonprofit, government/agency, entrepreneurial and startup clients. Outside of an entity's daily operations KSIs nonetheless cause positive results for industry or community. 

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workforce development + workplace strategy

Functional areas include human resource department effectiveness, real life job task versus job description analysis, targeted support for performance improvement, organizational design, regulatory affairs, upskilling and career pathing for current employees, access to continuing education and digital credentials, workforce variables and pathways for youth to entry-level work.

Customer loyalty and transaction pace analysis includes intentional or unintentional fencing of face-to-screen communication versus face-to-face interaction.